EIQ Platform for Enterprises

The Only Integrated Low-code/No-code Platform for Fully Intelligent Business Automation

Ensure frictionless enterprise-wide interactions

Business Impact Delivered

Grow Revenues
up to 40%

Lower customer acquisition costs and operational expenses, raise conversion rates with minimal upfront investments

Improve Operational Efficiency up to 74%

Improve overall efficiency due to process automation ​and quicker TAT (Turn Around Time) and AHT​ (Average Handle Time)

Empower Workforce
up to 90%

Grow employee satisfaction rate through intelligent incentivization and foster productivity and time “given back” to the teams

Improve Customer Experience up to 60%

Elevate customer satisfaction via efficient preventive maintenance​ and fewer query discrepancies

Enhance Asset
Utilization up to 30%

Achieve a reduction in inventory to gain equal or better customer demand with the existing supply

Boost Security
up to 95%

Cut down data integrity issues across systems ​with predictive & preventive analytics

Industry Recognitions​

Industry Recognitions​

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