EvoluteIQ Features that Enhance an Automation Engineer’s Experience

Hyperautomation enablement platform

Automation has become a cornerstone of modern industry, transforming the way we work and live. At the heart of this technological revolution are automation engineers, who are tasked with designing, implementing, and maintaining automated systems that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety. As the market for enterprise automation continues to peak, so does the need for ease and quickness in an automation engineer’s work.

In today’s speed-crammed world, time is a treasured entity. Automation engineers must be able to work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or accuracy. At the same time, they also need ease of use. For this, they would have to work with systems that are intuitive and user-friendly so that even non-technical users can employ them effectively.

The hyperautomation enablement platform of EvoluteIQ regards this need for ease and quickness in an automation engineer’s work as highly paramount. Built and blended with the right tools, techniques, and perspective, EvoluteIQ is rightly suited to help automation engineers drive the next wave of technological innovation and help shape the industry’s future.

What Sets EvoluteIQ Apart from the Contemporary Automation Trends?

Much before several contemporary automation platforms came to the rise, EvoluteIQ had an eternal dream of enhancing the overall experience of automation engineers. For us, hyperautomation enablement has always been about how to automate faster and better. To materialize this vision, we have integrated several systems of AI right into our platform.

Quick and Easy Drag and Drops

Rather than a simple integration of ChatGPT onto the web service to get a task done like most other companies, we have gone one step ahead. We have started providing every single API that is available on ChatGPT as an easy drag and droppable activity out of our EvoluteIQ platform. For instance, if you wish to drop a query, you can go to the application studio and add the activity from ChatGPT to the process application you are developing with the required parameters, and you are set to go. The APIs can further be based on moderation, text application, embedding, etc., and the use cases are aplenty! From developing relevant copy content to advertisements or legal notices, EvoluteIQ can help you raise the bar of your work quality with the aid of hyperautomation enablement.

We Facilitate No-Code, Low-Code and Pro-Code!

The next best thing about our platform is that it offers a compliant ecosystem for both no-code and low-code and pro-code users. With rich drag-and-drop configuration, a no-code developer is fully enabled. All the while, it is also a low-code platform where a couple of code lines from a mid-level technical person can help enhance the effectiveness. Finally, it is also a pro-code platform for pro-coders who might have a great algorithm written in java and wish to incorporate it into the application under development. Therefore, we enable automation engineers to use the specific bandwidth of the platform, customized to their own unique skill set, without any restrictions.

Seamless Integrations at a Coding Level

Furthermore, our platform also empowers an automation engineer to get the best of the coding experience from ChatGPT by facilitating seamless integration at a coding level. In situations where a certain section of the code might not be entirely conceivable by the engineer, he could, via our platform, delegate it to automation, which connects to ChatGPT. The best part of this is that the code thus generated would be fully customizable and allows the engineer to change the variables and the application context according to his or her needs after bringing it back to the system. It could be tested to see its workability and then put to direct use.

Typically with this, an activity that would have taken at least 3 to 4 full working days gets compressed within a matter of 15 to 20 minutes tops! The same thing can even be emulated with other programming languages based on Machine Learning, such as Python, etc. All in all, as against the common prototyping of automation in the current market, which is just using an API-based call, we at EvoluteIQ are using ChatGPT and other AI tools as a pliable framework that can holistically enhance the experience of an automation engineer and make his work easier.

To enable this model of hyperautomation for you, reach out to us today. We’ll be more than happy to help you take the first step in this direction.

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