EvoluteIQ Launches EIQ 5.0 – Nile Edition with New and Enhanced Features That Further Accelerate Automation Adoption at Scale

EIQ Platform

EvoluteIQ today launched the latest version of their award-winning platform; EIQ 5.0 – Nile Edition.

The EIQ 5.0 – Nile Edition release enhances the market-leading features of the platform for building automated business applications at scale – process orchestration, data and event processing, AI/ML, enterprise connectors and front-end application development, all using a simple, low-code/no-code interface.

The release extends the unified data experience offering of the hyperautomation enablement platform as seen in the 4.0 release and introduces a taxonomy builder for multilevel taxonomy management that cuts across business domains making data actionable for easy decision automation. This is further enhanced by giving non-technical users the ability to carry out decision modelling.

The EIQ platform already has 200+ enterprise connector libraries for systems-of-engagement and systems-of-record in the enterprise as well as with external parties. The EIQ 5.0 release further accelerates enterprise integration by enabling the creation of domain-specific connectors to be built by citizen developers using a drag-and-drop approach.

The latest version also introduces a non-intrusive, unified Robotic Process Automation (RPA) experience which is an inherent out-of-the box feature that rounds off EvoluteIQ’s hyperautomation offering. With capabilities for Web UI automation, desktop automation, Excel automation and Surface Automation, it can be used for use cases that need automation of manual and repetitive tasks.

Productivity Management Tools such as Kanban boards for easy visual categorization of tasks and unified data catalogue management cover the entire the breadth of enterprise-wide automation.

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