EvoluteIQ Unveils EIQ 6.0, Enriched with GenIQ™ and GIQ Copilot™, Democratizing AI Access for Enterprises

EIQ 6.0

EvoluteIQ announced the launch of its latest platform release, EIQ 6.0, today, enriched with GenIQ and GIQ Copilot, democratizing AI access for enterprises.

With enhanced generative AI capabilities, GenIQ delivers a comprehensive AI framework with GenAI integration, designed to enhance functionality and achieve more productive automation solutions. EvoluteIQ also unveiled GIQ Copilot, a conversational GenAI module that helps citizen developers build any application, forms, rules, and interactions with simple conversational commands.

This latest release of EIQ 6.0 democratizes access to AI offering customers an improved ability to integrate generative AI while accelerating application potential. The new enterprise tools empower customers to experience AI-driven automation, enabling scalability, reduced complexity, seamless operations, and cost savings. The flexibility of the EIQ 6.0 platform empowers customers to foster greater innovation and transform their business processes end-to-end.

The GenIQ Framework

GenIQ is an all-encompassing AI framework that offers a wide range of capabilities, including text generation, translation, content rewriting, classification, summarization, and information extraction. It’s built upon a powerful foundation of pre-trained large language models (LLMs) and generative pre-training transformer (GPT) models, which provide ready-to-use solutions and enable various tasks in the field of natural language processing.

GenIQ offers an enhanced Machine Learning (ML) flow that extends and supports traditional ML models. For instance, NLP nodes for text identification/labelling, extraction, sentiment analysis, and more, are out-of-the-box activities that can be defined under ML flows and used in process, data, or event flows through simple parameters.

GIQ Copilot

GIQ Copilot is a conversational GenAI that serves as an interactive conversational assistant, facilitating the development of diverse applications, encompassing form creation, rule implementation, and interactive functionalities solely through natural language conversations. The Copilot provides diverse text-based generative applications and conversational AI features such as chatbot and question-answering functionalities on existing documents and data.

For example, GIQ Copilot allows customers to easily build an app to automate their onboarding with a Salesforce account using simple instructions given by the user. It integrates with their Salesforce account to build a simple approval-based process flow, automating customer onboarding by creating the necessary forms and Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations.

Use Cases of GenAI and GIQ Copilot

EIQ 6.0 uses the power of GenAI and LLM technologies to offer a range of valuable use cases. These include business rule definition through document analysis, development assistance with suggestions and code quality alerts, automated testing, AI-augmented portfolio analysis, chat interface for analytics queries and report generation, and predictive maintenance of processes. EIQ 6.0 builds upon these capabilities, enhancing the overall functionality and providing organizations with more structured and effective intelligent business automation solutions.

The implementation of EIQ 6.0 is expected to yield remarkable benefits for organizations. With advanced technologies, EIQ 6.0 helps achieve a 90% reduction in error rates, ensuring better outcomes and minimizing costly mistakes. Additionally, it drives a significant 97% improvement in customer journey cycle times and an average of 40% reduction in operational costs.

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