Global Pharmaceutical Leader Automates Internal GenAI Governance with EIQ Platform

A leading pharmaceutical company required a seamless, automated solution for central company-wide adoption and governance of their Generative AI initiatives.

The Results


94% Quicker TAT of GenAI-related governance


71% Increase in the adoption of effective AI technology


63% Improvement in employee satisfaction scores


American Medical Association Prediction

Automation can streamline administrative tasks, potentially saving the healthcare industry up to $18.2 billion annually

EIQ Features Used

The Challenge:
Accelerating Enterprise GenAI Governance

The client urgently needed a centralized automated solution capable of swiftly managing the governance and adoption of GenAI use cases. It was crucial that this solution had the scalability to accommodate the growing GenAI governance requirements of the enterprise in the future.

Our Solution:
Tracking Development and Deployment, Governance Model Implementation

An end-to-end automated solution was developed using the EIQ Platform to monitor the practices, policies, and principles governing the development, deployment, and monitoring of GenAI solutions. This  ensured that every phase of the AI lifecycle adhered to established standards, promoting consistency and reliability across all initiatives.

A robust “Go / No-Go” governance model was designed, encompassing key parameters such as cost-benefit analysis, security considerations, ethical usage guidelines, and more. This model provided a structured framework for evaluating the viability and suitability of each GenAI initiative, empowering informed choices aligned with the strategic goals.

To provide senior management with valuable insights and visibility into the GenAI governance landscape, real-time analytics and reporting mechanisms were implemented. This feature facilitated timely access to critical information, enabling leaders to assess performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to drive continuous improvement and strategic alignment.

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