How Can Low-Code No-Code Platforms Help With The Developer Shortage Issue?

How Can Low-Code No-Code Platforms Help With The Developer Shortage Issue?

A McKinsey survey reported that about 87% of businesses are currently witnessing a developer shortage or foretell one in the coming future. This indicates that most enterprises have either moved already or are planning for a standard low code no code development agenda to prepare non-coders to become reliable, skilled developers in a low code, no code environment.

Decoding Low Code Development:

The best low code no code development platforms offer a sleek GUI (Graphical User Interface) for programming, thereby letting the developers conceive the code quickly and cutting down the need for standard programming efforts. These tools support rapid code development by undercutting hand-coding efforts. The low code platforms for API management, which is the method to create, oversee and control APIs safely, come with cloud-native application delivery.

This aids in shifting applications to the cloud and are thus increasing in rage. It is to be noted that the inherent architecture is very complicated and dynamic. However, low code no code development platforms help streamline integrations and logic in a flexible, drag-and-drop mode. These declarative techniques can save developers a lot of time and reduce the hindrance to entry for small-sized IT teams. Apart from this, low code no code development platforms bring to the table many other benefits and we have cherry-picked the best ones for you here:

1. Reduces Reliance on Full-code Developers

While a low code development platform can assist businesses to do more with a lesser number of developers, they can also deploy these platforms to forge cloud-native applications about ten times quicker. Firms can also boot up such experiences with much fewer resources. The transition to low or no code development also will lead to more rapid testing of new concepts, less-cost experimentations with the latest technology, and the capacity to attract top aptitude.

2. Enables Seamless Team Co-ordination

A low code development platform is a helpful tool for fostering team collaboration. Cross-operational teams can easily collaborate to communicate real-time insights and trim development time by a considerable margin. Similarly, augmented exposure helps adherence in team units and enhances quality management.

3. Helps Create on Pre-Built Data Standards

Low code development platforms help the developers build further on pre-built models, making it effortless to create more solutions and in much lesser time. Developers can also utilize low or no code front-end development platforms to develop new modules or improve old ones to fulfill unique business requirements. The templates used in low code environments are the ones that have been comprehensively tested, and they interface smoothly with the existing systems, thus avoiding the need to adjust code and decreasing the number of errors.

4. Visualizing Development

The best low code no code platforms come with drag-and-drop flexibility that facilitates citizen developers to build apps with the abilities they wish to have. Low code workflow automation fosters the connection amidst the platform’s components, demanding less programming mastery. These low code platform features help industries such as healthcare, sales and marketing, legal and risk management, finance and accounting, and the like, which are undergoing a developer shortage. It will further help lower development expenses while trimming the time to market.

Putting Everything Together:

Low code development platforms vouch to let businesses accomplish more with fewer developers at the helm. These platforms increase team cooperation and also help save time for software development. Also, from a different standpoint, low code development platforms empower businesses to accommodate changes in the market quickly. These platforms are a safe and cost-effective way to handle the soaring market need for app development while enhancing the business ROI in the long run.

EvoluteIQ is one of the only low code no code hyperautomation enablement platforms with a comprehensive feature set that helps automate enterprise workflows and build seamless customer and user journeys rapidly. Get in touch with us today to talk about your hyperautomation enablement needs with respect to low code or nor code development strategies.

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