How is AI a Propellant of Hyperautomation?

AI-powered hyperautomation enablement

The idea of hyperautomation is to automate everything inside an organization that is automatable. Organizations that use hyperautomation seek to automate as many business operations as possible via robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and other technologies.

EvoluteIQ is a platform for enabling end-to-end hyperautomation that combines the powers of process orchestration, data and event processing, AI/ML, enterprise connectivity, RPA, and front-end application development to create frictionless user journeys with low-code/no-code.

How can Artificial Intelligence improve your Business Processes?

Reengineering corporate processes are now being increasingly propelled by artificial intelligence (AI). Enterprise resource planning and workflow tools enabled businesses to improve general business procedures, although the anticipated step changes were frequently not realized. But when AI makes smarter, quicker, and more automated judgments possible, businesses can increase productivity and create better results.

Businesses worldwide are always searching for new methods to increase their revenues. They require ever-increasing optimization and efficiency. As you might anticipate, artificial intelligence is crucial in assisting businesses in streamlining their operations.

Big data businesses are leaders in utilizing AI to enhance business procedures. However, all the advantages that machine learning algorithms offer still apply to small organizations. Artificial intelligence can streamline processes, speed up corporate operations, and increase profitability.

Using AI to Improve Business Processes

There are several ways that artificial intelligence can aid in optimizing business operations because it is relevant to every situation. Algorithms for deep learning and machine learning require big data to function. If you have this kind of data, you can benefit from its potential.

The following are some ways that artificial intelligence might benefit your business.

AI-based Sales and Marketing Optimization

The use of artificial intelligence can greatly increase sales. It can assist merchants in planning their store layout, inventory management, and consumer demand forecasting. AI can assist vendors in deciding which goods to mark down. It helps companies focus their advertising on the right demographics and explains the reasoning behind consumer decisions.

Content Creation with AI

Fast and informative copywriting is possible with AI. Artificial intelligence is not limited to helping create writing. When used in conjunction with the first point, it may be used to generate flyers, promo films, and advertisements to increase sales for your business.

Using AI in Manufacturing

Automation and robots are already widely used in the manufacturing industry. To integrate robots and people into the supply chain, robotic process automation is powered by machine intelligence.

The ultimate objective is to have people and robots coexist in the same workplace. Robots may utilize computer vision to operate safely around people and can learn from their interactions to reduce the likelihood of mishaps. Robots might become increasingly prevalent in various applications with intelligent automation.

AI in Hiring

Consider the volume of employment applications a huge firm like Google receives when a position is posted. Reading them all individually would consume a lot of time and effort. Of course, artificial intelligence can also be useful in this situation. All job applications are subjected to data analytics using algorithms. It can aid in identifying and eliminating undesirable applicants. It can reduce decision-making time and cost while also eliminating subjectivity.

Security and AI

Supply chain security is crucial. Security-dealing business applications with security might benefit by using deep learning techniques. Companies that handle numerous financial transactions must ensure the security of their money and data. To identify fraud or hacker attempts, AI models may be trained. As a result, when a real assault occurs, AI security systems will be better able to identify the perpetrator and act quickly.

Hyperautomation powered by AI is the future of business operations. Whether it’s improving sales and marketing efforts, manufacturing processes, hiring, or security, AI has the potential to revolutionize every aspect of a business. EvoluteIQ’s hyperautomation enablement platform is a prime example of how process orchestration, data processing, RPA, and AI/ML technologies can work together to create frictionless user journeys with low-code /no-code.

So, if you haven’t already started exploring the possibilities of AI in your organization, now is the time to do so! Simply reach out to us to see what we can do for you.


Deepak Kinger

Chief Strategy Officer, EvoluteIQ
Deepak Kinger, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at EvoluteIQ, spearheads the company's strategic direction, overseeing key go-to-market offerings, technology alliances and solution partnerships while managing Marketing and Analyst Relationships. With leadership experience at Virtusa, Publicis Sapient, Genpact and Wipro, Deepak excels in technology innovation, strategy, scaling businesses and client stewardship. An accomplished strategist with extensive global experience, he brings valuable insights to the Banking, Financial Services, and Healthcare industries.

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