IT Automation for Leading Printing Solutions Company

The dynamic realm of printing solutions demands efficiency and precision. Our client, a leading printing solutions company, approached EvoluteIQ to address their pressing IT needs of optimizing asset management, SLA management, and support requests for their corporate B2B clients.

The Results

Increase profit

20% profit increase in the first year due to EIQ-enabled business model transformation


40% SLA breach reduction through automation

Customer Satisfaction

60% higher customer satisfaction via efficient preventive maintenance


McKinsey perspective

50% of work can be automated in today’s age, and 31% of businesses have fully automated at least one function.

EIQ Features Used

The Challenge:
Centralizing Global Printer Maintenance for Cost-Efficiency

The client embarked on a strategic shift in their business model, transitioning towards a leasing approach based on a fixed-fee plus usage model. Their vision extended beyond this transformation, aiming to centralize the maintenance of printers deployed worldwide. The overarching goal was to achieve predictability and cost-efficiency in their global printer maintenance operations, a vital aspect of their evolving business strategy.

Our Solution:
A Comprehensive EIQ Solution with IoT-enabled Automation

To meet the diverse challenges presented by our client’s shift towards a fixed-fee plus usage model for leasing printers and their aim to centralize global printer maintenance, we leveraged the power of the EIQ platform. This involved a holistic approach, utilizing EIQ components such as Process Flow, Data Flow, Event Flow, IOT Flow, and extensive web and mobile app development.

We leveraged IoT-based solutions to automate the client’s IT processes. The system enabled real-time signals directly from the printers, with over 600 signals related to proactive maintenance, including paper and toner levels, and other consumables, ensuring predictability and efficiency.

Our solution extended beyond the immediate challenges. It encompassed a full-feature asset management and tracking solution, complete with governance and billing capabilities. This ensured that printer maintenance was centralized and efficient and that every asset was tracked in alignment with the client’s evolving business strategy.

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