Intelligent Supply Management of Critical Medical Equipment for a Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer

For a renowned global player in this industry, achieving an efficient harmony between supply and demand posed a significant challenge. The manufacturer sought the transformative power of automation solutions to enhance demand visibility, elevate efficiency, and ensure better service level agreements. This is a story of how a world-class medical equipment manufacturer used technology to realize a new era of operational excellence.

The Results

100% Visibility of customer demand that helped stock planning to meet customer SLAs

Customer demand

92% Improved inventory management with automation and a reduced error rate.

More Revenue

25% Additional revenue from better response on adjacent products


Forbes prediction

About 18% of the US national output, or $4T, is directly attributable to healthcare; more than a third of this healthcare work could be automated. Advances connected to robotics, AI, and ML have already changed healthcare.

EIQ Features Used

The Challenge:
Bridging the Demand-Supply Gap

The manufacturer faced the arduous task of managing manual inventory processes, which not only consumed valuable time and resources but also resulted in an inefficient demand-supply balance. This imbalance, in turn, led to suboptimal service levels, threatening the manufacturer’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our Solution:
Streamlining the Supply Chain with "Go-Direct"

In response to the critical need for supply chain optimization, an all-encompassing application known as “Go-Direct” was meticulously developed and efficiently deployed in just 10 weeks. This robust solution took automation to the forefront, targeting a majority of tasks within the supply chain, ultimately driving increased efficiency and reducing manual workloads.

The strategic integration with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system was pivotal in merging inventory information into the Distribution Control Number (DCN) file. This merger facilitated a more streamlined and cohesive approach to inventory management and supply chain operations.

Supply movements from both Primary and Local warehouses were seamlessly updated through a browser and mobile portal. Meanwhile, delivery and inventory management at the end-customer level, such as hospitals, was expertly handled via a dedicated mobile application. This innovation ensured that demand, supply, and stock information from each customer remained up-to-date within the system. Additionally, the mobile app efficiently managed additional demand for consumables, significantly reducing the cycle time for revenue generation and enhancing overall operational agility.

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