Leading Pharma Player Raises Their Organizational IQ With Enterprise Intelligence Solutions

A leading global pharmaceutical company wanted to build and use shared intelligence across the enterprise and equip their global teams with real-time insights powered by Generative AI. This initiative aimed to enhance decision-making capabilities and build innovation and agility in response to rapidly changing market dynamics.

The Results

knowledge base

95% Increase in the information repositories available for knowledge base


80% Increase in ease of access and discoverability of relevant insights


71% Improvement in productivity metrics in customer-facing roles


McKinsey perspective

70% reduction in time spent on routine administrative tasks for healthcare practitioners due to AI

EIQ Features Used

The Challenge:
Expanding Enterprise Capabilities

To uphold their competitive position in the pharmaceutical market, the client sought to bolster their organizational capabilities. Their vision was to enable seamless search, extraction, and monitoring of mission-critical insights across diverse market perspectives, both external and internal. They wanted to equip the organization with a comprehensive understanding of market trends, competitor activities, and internal dynamics, empowering informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Our Solution:
Empowering Business Units with AI Solutions

In response to diverse user needs across business units, the EIQ Platform enabled tailored Gen-AI and Conversational-AI solutions to cater to multiple user personas. These solutions could enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and provide personalized experiences tailored to each user’s requirements. 

A big consideration in the development process was the establishment of secure Data Pipelines and machine learning (ML) models within the confines of the enterprise firewall. This ensured that sensitive data remained protected, adhering to stringent security protocols and regulatory requirements. 

Our platform enabled the integration of all key enterprise systems, including CRM, ERP, supply chain, and document repositories, using the robust capabilities of EIQ Connectors. This integration facilitated the smooth flow of information across various departments, enabling enhanced collaboration, data sharing, and decision-making processes.

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