Leading Pharmaceutical MNC Reimagines Their Product Lifecycle Management Using EIQ

A global pharmaceutical conglomerate required an overhaul of its existing PLM solutions in order to streamline manufacturing operations and manage the supply chain in a more integrated manner.

The Results

product development

85% Improvement in new product development and go-to-market

Change Management KPI

79% Improvement in Change Management KPIs


85% Standardization of similar processes across product lines


Statista Prediction

The estimated share of AI in the healthcare market will be close to $188B by 2030

EIQ Features Used

The Challenge:
Facilitating Product Lifecycle Management Across Multiple Business Units

Rapid growth and numerous acquisitions had led to a fragmented landscape of disparate Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. The client aimed to establish comprehensive digital traceability for their products throughout their lifecycle across all business units in the U.S. and Europe.

Our Solution:
Unified PLM Solution Integration and Scalability

The client embarked on a journey to reimagine their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) landscape, aiming to consolidate and scale disparate solutions into a cohesive platform. This unified approach enabled seamless collaboration and data flow across various business units and departments.

A key aspect of our solution involved enabling a continuous transfer of product data from engineering to the factory. This encompassed essential components such as engineering and manufacturing Bills of Materials (BOMs), Process Plans, and Resource Planning. By streamlining these processes, the client achieved enhanced manufacturing efficiency and productivity.

The unified PLM solution seamlessly integrated with the client’s existing ERP and CRM systems to further optimize operations and improve overall efficiency. This integration ensured a cohesive ecosystem where data could flow between departments, leading to streamlined processes and enhanced decision-making.

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