Low-Code/No-Code Platforms Optimizing Project Management: The EIQ Perspective

EIQ low-code no-code platform

Remember those days when developing websites called for a significant level of technical knowledge? Software developers had to create all of the code from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which required extended coding cycles and intensive testing. We now have systems for constructing websites that require little to no coding. Without relying on other teams, these drag-and-drop platforms assist developers in achieving their target goals more quickly and effectively.

How Does Traditional Project Management Workflow Work?

In conventional project management approaches, the process workflow consists of backlog creation wherein the features required for the user are discussed. Then comes sprint planning, where the developers come into play to select the elements in the backlog and create a sprint plan.

Then comes the sprint execution, wherein the developers create and test the user stories. Then comes the sprint review and retrospective, wherein the team demonstrates the work to the stakeholders, gathers feedback and identifies those aspects that worked well, and creates an action item. The last stage is the release and deployment phase, where the completed and stable features are deployed into production. As you can see, this style of approach is slowly changing.

What Makes Low-Code, No-Code Project Management Workflow Distinctive?

Take an example of a large enterprise tasked with creating a building plan for its new office. The first step would be conducting a land survey and feasibility study. A team consisting of project managers, engineers, site inspectors, etc., would be assigned. In a traditional project management workflow, the site inspectors would have to monitor the progress of workmen by defining metrics related to the project. They would need to take geo-tagged pictures and videos of the construction site and report them manually to the project manager. This approach is obsolete and can be replaced by an enterprise automation platform with a no-code application like EvoluteIQ.

With the adoption of the low code no code approach, construction projects experience a remarkable transformation. Utilizing specific templates tailored to each project allows for swift application development, enabling efficient construction processes. Seamlessly integrating functionalities such as document management, change order monitoring, RFI (Requests for Information) management, subcontractor communication, and safety issue tracking, stakeholders from architects and engineers to contractors and clients can now communicate project updates in real time. Embracing AI has revolutionized the construction industry, empowering collaborative efficiency like never before.

EvoluteIQ Facilitating Seamless No-Code, Low-Code

EvoluteIQ has been one of the first organizations to develop and enhance the overall experience of the end users by implementing a hyperautomation enablement platform based on low-code, no-code for enterprise applications. Several AI techniques have been implemented in our product, but the one that requires attention is the visual development platforms built upon the no-code, low-code environment. We utilize these visual development tools and takes it one step further than just website creation. Our product integrates the no-code, low-code process into an easy-to-use project management platform.

What Lies Ahead?

Low-code and no-code platforms have ushered in a new era of simplicity and efficiency, empowering developers to achieve their goals with unprecedented ease. At EvoluteIQ, hyperautomation lies at the heart of our approach, leveraging artificial intelligence techniques to enhance the overall user experience. Our low-code no-code platform helps revolutionize any business, fostering collaborative efficiency and driving project success.

In an era where agility and rapid innovation are paramount, we stand at the forefront, offering a transformative solution that empowers organizations to achieve their goals swiftly and effectively. Embrace the ease and power of low-code no-code platforms and embark on a new project management era with us. Talk to us today!

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