Make Strides in your Hyperautomation Journey with EvoluteIQ’s Intelligent Data Fabric

EvoluteIQ’s Intelligent Data Fabric

Data can support businesses in remaining agile, and in improving access and exposure of critical information to stakeholders. Data usage is changing as it increasingly becomes a commodity. At this point, our decisions will have a big influence on the data that will exist in the future. One of the most vital aspects of any organization is the ability to facilitate the productive flow of data. And intelligent Data Fabric can undoubtedly help maneuver the data collected with the accelerating growth of businesses.

Understanding Dataflow and Data Fabric:

An architecture and collection of data services known as a “data fabric” ensure excellent capabilities across various endpoints in hybrid multi-cloud settings. Across cloud, on-premises, and edge devices, it is a strong architecture that standardizes data analysis practices and usage.

Data fabric is a cohesive environment with a separate architecture that uses technology and services to consume, maintain, and process data. Businesses that want to scale their journeys towards digital transformation and hyperautomation must invest in data fabric.

Like a river, data flow can have many sources, travel through many points, and typically empty into a bigger body. It’s crucial to keep an eye on these streams and make sure they can move as smoothly as possible. Stronger data will ultimately flourish from opening data from legacy systems and removing obstacles in the flow.

What Makes Data Fabric Important Now?

Businesses are moving towards an ultra-adoptive stance of digital transformation and hyperautomation enablement strategies, leading to a corresponding rise in data products that can manage demanding business needs. Integrating data from many sources is necessary to ensure these data products or applications work effectively. Businesses will probably face difficulties with uniform data access, making data integration even more difficult. The power of maximizing the value of such data and using it to gain insights has thus become quite vital.

Businesses can access extensive data in real time through data fabric, which enables stakeholders to visualize it from any location. Data fabric can also be used to make data administration and governance in multi-cloud data ecosystems simpler. Data Fabric, in brief, erases data silos, relieves the need for multiple tools, offers access to precise data, delivers massive scalability, aids in handling higher quantities of data, speeds up the process of migration between various environments without relying on legacy solutions and makes it simple and disruption-free to add new data sources to the data fabric.

EvoluteIQ Platform as a Robust Data Fabric Enabler:

EvoluteIQ has been a perfect enabler for the construct of data fabric for a really long time. In any enterprise, there are several disparate data available through sources such as website services, ERP, RDBMS, Big Data, etc. In the case of an already established large enterprise, the systems are multifarious, and so is the data generated by them. This is because a company in presence for decades might have surely gone through a succession of mergers that enables the coming together of many good as well as obsolete legacy systems. Such a situation can cause a sizable quantum of data that is strewn within the systems in an unorganized fashion.

However, the enterprise is a single entity, and the data therein is always interrelated and relevant in some manner. When you consider a customer for such an enterprise, he/she automatically becomes a customer of every other system that exists within the enterprise. So, if you want to create a single, integrated data intelligence system around that customer, it gets challenging to do so. It is because there would be multiple facets of his/her data scattered within several systems of the enterprise.

How the EIQ Platform makes your Data Inherently Intelligent

Irrespective of the organizational size or data complexity, the EIQ platform will help you integrate all your enterprise’s disparate or siloed systems. We enable this with the help of seamless data connectors that can unify a multitude of siloed data systems with ease. Furthermore, we allow you to define data models and enable the data to become inherently intelligent. Such data is then sent to the modules of master data management and catalog management. As a next step, we then provide a data computing layer so that you can split, search, index, extract, transform, and load data according to your requirement.

Once this intelligent data flow is ready, it still won’t be of any use unless a usage mechanism is attached to it. In order to make this conducive, the EIQ platform lets you have another usage layer through Data Flows. With this, you can streamline the data into a certain process flow (For instance, customer onboarding) and add relevant business rules to meet your end requirement by using different connectors for different process flows. You can further use this data for any applications for mobile, IoT, Voice AI, Chatbots, and all other areas where the relevance of data intelligence comes in. In this manner, EvoluteIQ makes your data inherently intelligent and forms a centralized data flow by further eradicating silos of all types.

Want to integrate your disparate data systems? Get in touch with one of our technical experts today and initiate your journey towards perfect data seamlessness.

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