Social Media Marketing and Sentiment Analysis Driven Customer Service

Staying connected with customers through social media while delivering real-time customer service is vital. Our client, a multi-national consumer brand, faced the challenges of achieving this efficiently and without expanding support teams. They turned to EvoluteIQ to find a solution to enhance their social media marketing campaigns and respond rapidly to customer service inquiries.

The Results

Brand sentiment

70% Improvement in brand sentiment because of sentiment analysis that actively listened "socially"


60% Improved Marketing Offer Response Rates

Cost Reduction

40% Reduction in customer acquisition costs due to proactive responses on social media channels


McKinsey perspective

Holistically transforming customer service into engagement through re-imagined, AI-led capabilities can improve customer experience, reduce costs, and increase sales, helping businesses maximize value.

EIQ Features Used

The Challenge:
Streamlining Social Response Times: Addressing Automated Customer Support

Our client faced challenges with delayed responses to client interest generated through social marketing offers. They also sought an automated customer support system capable of handling user responses on social media while assessing sentiment for appropriate responses. EvoluteIQ was approached to address these issues.

Our Solution:
Intelligent Automation for Enhanced Customer Interaction

EvoluteIQ Intelligent Business Automation for Retail and CPG

EvoluteIQ crafted an innovative automated solution that revolutionized the way customer and prospect interactions on social media were understood and managed. This dynamic system seamlessly integrated with the sales, marketing, and customer service teams, effectively executing workflows based on the nature of the interactions.

One of the pivotal features of our solution was its ability to conduct sentiment analysis on every interaction. It classified tweets into various categories, such as normal, sarcastic, funny, or frustrated, allowing for a deeper understanding of user sentiment. Depending on the intent of the customer or prospect, our intelligent process design triggered an appropriate action plan. This plan harnessed the combined power of intelligent automation and human agents to ensure timely and contextually relevant responses.

Our solution offered a multi-faceted approach, enabling the brand to engage with its audience more effectively, provide real-time responses, and maximize the impact of its social marketing campaigns.

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