Touchless Accounts Receivable Reconciliation

Optimizing cash flow is paramount for any multinational corporation in the dynamic world of finance. Our client, a global corporate giant wanted to eliminate delays in accounts receivables processing to enhance cash application and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) metrics. EvoluteIQ stepped into this arena as a strategic partner to tackle this pressing challenge.

The Results


60% Reduction in manual effort needed for reconciliation, leading to DSO reduction by 32%

Overall reduced error rates

86% Reduction in error rates leading to faster recognition of missed revenue


40% Improvement in unallocated cash and resulting revenue impact through agile operations

Automating the AR process

NetSuite perspective

Automating the AR process lets the system's ability to generate and distribute more invoices more quickly and accurately at lower processing costs.

EIQ Features Used

The Challenge:
Resolving Cash Application Delays: Confronting Unstructured Payment Data

The client faced issues with manual collections processes, leading to cash application delays. They handled 50,000 monthly AR reconciliations globally with a team of 25 analysts, contending with unstructured payment data in various formats. Compounded by unstructured and incomplete payment instruction data arriving in multiple formats, including PDFs, text, and SAP digital passbooks, the need for a solution was evident.

Our Solution:
Automating the Accounts Receivable Reconciliation Process: Integrated End-to-End Automation

EvoluteIQ Intelligent Business Automation for Accounts Receivables Processing Workflow

EvoluteIQ took on the challenge of reimagining and automating our client’s accounts receivable reconciliation process. The existing workload was substantial, with approximately 50,000 monthly account receivable reconciliations processed across global operations. This mammoth task was handled by a team of 25 AR analysts, wrestling with unstructured and often incomplete payment instruction data presented in multiple formats, including PDFs, text, and SAP digital passbooks.

In response to these challenges, we implemented an integrated end-to-end automation solution. Rather than relying on disjointed point solutions for each process step, we streamlined the entire workflow within a single, integrated platform. This platform facilitated business workflows, data ingestion, and transformation while enabling straight-through reconciliation.

One of the key achievements of this integration was the seamless flow of context throughout the automated process. By eliminating manual hand-offs between systems, we ensured that the entire reconciliation process operated cohesively. This not only reduced the risk of errors but also significantly accelerated the pace of cash application, ultimately improving the client’s DSO metrics and enhancing their cash management capabilities.

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