Intelligent IT Operations Management Product for RIM Company

When a leading RIM company sought to elevate its traditional IT Service Management (ITSM) offerings to meet the increasingly complex requirements of its customers, it turned to EvoluteIQ for a unique solution to remake IT Operations Management and provide innovative solutions.

The Results

Cost Reduction

40% Average reduction in operational cost with minimal upfront investments and risk reduction


30% Increase in customer retention and customer acquisition due to enhanced capabilities

60% Improvement in overall process efficiency improving the bottom-line


Gartner prediction

By 2024, the improvements in digital workplaces and processes driven by IT automation will help organizations spend 30% of their time on IT operations management and the rest on engineering and designing.

EIQ Features Used

The Challenge:
Enhancing IT Service Management for Evolving Customer Needs

The client sought to elevate their conventional IT Service Management (ITSM) offerings to align with the evolving complexities of their customers’ needs. Their quest led them to EvoluteIQ for the development of a robust platform, specifically designed to support their innovative solutions in autonomous monitoring, maintenance, request, and service management.

Our Solution:
EIQ-Powered Solution Deployment for Autonomous IT Infrastructure Management

EvoluteIQ Intelligent Business Automation for Operational Resilience

EvoluteIQ seamlessly facilitated the rollout of the client’s distinctive solution offerings. These solutions were crafted to capitalize on the extensive functionality of complex IT Operations Management Systems.

The heart of this transformation lay in the introduction of autonomous, comprehensive predictive, and preventive monitoring, maintenance, and management of IT infrastructure. This dynamic system ensured the seamless execution of crucial tasks, from monitoring to maintenance, by employing predictive analytics and preventive measures.

In tandem with these innovations, custom process workflows, guided by business rules, were integrated. These workflows enabled the system to discern what actions were required, when, and how to execute them effectively. Furthermore, role-driven IT Operations Dashboards were meticulously developed. These dashboards were pivotal in managing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and providing complete transparency and insights into ongoing services.

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