Securing Digital Assets: The Evolution of Cybersecurity with Intelligent Automation

The Evolution of Cybersecurity with Intelligent Automation

Cybersecurity risks in rapidly emergent digital environments are becoming increasingly complex and challenging to mitigate. According to insurer AIG, ransomware claims alone have surged 150% since 2018. As organizations face escalating threats, CIOs anticipate a significant uptick in cybersecurity investments over the next three years.

In addressing these challenges, Sameet Gupte, CEO and Co-founder of EvoluteIQ, in an informative article for Express Computer, emphasizes the pivotal role of end-to-end intelligent business automation. Sameet says that intelligent automation addresses the fragmented nature of the current cybersecurity solutions, integrating security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) to streamline operations.

From automating mundane tasks like software updates and data analysis to proactive threat identification and compliance automation, Intelligent Automation empowers enterprises to safeguard sensitive data and maintain regulatory adherence efficiently.

Sameet Gupte, Co-founder and CEO of EvoluteIQ

Sameet Gupte

Co-founder & CEO, EvoluteIQ

Sameet Gupte, Co-founder and CEO of EvoluteIQ, drives its vision to become a leader in AI-enabled automation for businesses across industries.

His career includes leadership roles at Virtusa, Genpact, NCR, Servion, and HCL, and he advises Fuel Ventures, a UK/Europe venture fund. Before founding EvoluteIQ, he was Group CEO at Servion, transforming it into a SaaS-based customer experience and digital technology provider.

At Virtusa, as Executive VP & Managing Director for Global Financial Services & Europe, he led significant growth and strategic acquisitions. Earlier, at Headstrong, he contributed to its expansion and sale to Genpact in 2011.

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