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Build end-to-end automated solutions across departments, sectors, and industries.
EvoluteIQ Solutions

Enterprises today are looking at automation as a key lever for digital transformation.

Though factors like cost optimization and operational efficiencies continue to be important, the focus is also increasingly shifting towards being able to drive business agility, decision automation, and enabling seamless customer and user journeys at scale.

That is where the EIQ Platform delivers value to customers. 

The EIQ Platform enables them to break down barriers across the front, middle, and back-office functions while delivering tangible business benefits with unrivalled speed and agility to build end-to-end automated solutions across departments, sectors, and industries.

Industry Verticals

EIQ Platform powers the world’s most complex and heavily regulated industries

EvoluteIQ Platform for Banking Sector


Rollout digital-first solutions, reduce operational costs and manage risks better.


Automate and digitise underwriting, claims management and core processes.

EvoluteIQ Platform for Healthcare Sector

Improve customer service and derive value from operational efficiencies.

Energy and Utilities
Energy and Utilities

Improve customer service and derive value from operational efficiencies.

Telecom and Media
Telecom and Media

Digitally transform your business for the 5G Era & reduced customer acquisition cost.

Retail and CPG

Boost revenue and customer retention through intelligent data-driven insights.

Functional Domains

EIQ Platform accelerates transformation, drives development agility

Operational Resilience (COVID 19)
Operational Resilience

Run businesses efficiently and manage cashflow better in the post-pandemic era.

Customer Experience​
Customer Experience

Create hyper-personalised customer interactions for online & offline channels.

Finance and Accounting

Transform O2C, P2P and R2R processes by breaking departmental boundaries.

Sales and Marketing​
Sales and Marketing

Empower sales and marketing teams with tools to drive a change in revenue growth.

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management

Build superior processes for suppliers & clients with effortless automation.

Legal and Risk Management
Legal and Risk Management

Stay ahead using a predictive approach for legal and risk management processes.

Service Providers

EIQ Platform for System Integrators, BPM & Management Consulting

System Integrators

System Integrators

Enabling service providers to move up the client value chain using disruptive offerings.


Transforming the way service providers operate for higher efficiency and significant revenue growth.

Management Consulting
Management Consulting

Enabling the consulting service providers to increase revenue by offering end-to-end digital transformation solutions.

Are you ready to transform how your business operates?

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