EIQ Platform for Intelligent Business Automation in Business Process Management (BPM)

Transforming the way service providers operate for higher efficiency and significant revenue growth

In this era of rapid transformation, businesses strive to fortify their operations and maximize cost-effectiveness in outsourcing. So, service providers must embrace the client’s needs to find concrete operational efficiencies and savings within current agreements. The service industry’s survival hinges on its ability to embrace the power of digitalization and automation, empowering itself to meet these demands head-on seamlessly.

EvoluteIQ – Helping Service Providers access at-scale intelligent business automation innovation 

Our cutting-edge intelligent business automation platform for BPM firms helps organizations not only outpace their competitors but also maintain profitability by delivering up to 50% cost reduction to their enterprise clients. It’s a win-win scenario that combines the process excellence and domain expertise of BPM organizations with our unparalleled approach to end-to-end enterprise intelligent business automation.

Unlock the benefits of intelligent business automation to fuel BPM growth

Representative Business Process Use Cases:

By Industry
By Domain

Talk to us today to understand how we enabled one of our BPM clients to transform their go-to-market approach.

  • Multi-year digital transformation customer wins where the technology proved to be a major Innovation / transformation lever to win against competition
  • 24% increase in sales pipeline attributed to intelligent business automation solutions (PoVs, PoCs, MVPs)
  • 32% margin improvements on existing engagements by leveraging EIQ Platform’s integrated feature set

“With this partnership, WNS has created a truly innovative capability for the BPM industry – a domain-led intelligent business automation platform suite. WNS’ deep and specialized domain expertise is the key to delivering high-impact business outcomes leveraging the EvoluteIQ technology. The suite is timely for enterprises looking to re-invent their businesses for a digital-only world. It also provides the foundation for creating new, disruptive business models and solutions as they evolve.”

Are you ready to transform how your business operates?

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