EIQ Platform for Intelligent Business Automation in Customer Experience

Create hyper-personalised customer interactions for online and offline channels.

Intelligent Business Automation Platform for Customer Experience

EIQ Hyperautomation Platform
Contact Center Operations 

Optimize customer interactions in contact centers using Virtual customer service representatives.

How it works?
  • Robo advisors to deliver consistent, rule-based advisory services to customers/prospects in the product discovery stage.
  • Robust Conversational AI-driven virtual agents that can orchestrate transaction-oriented processes and service requests with seamless handover to human agents as needed.
  • Leverage video and biometrics (voice, fingerprinting) for authentication to enhance the customer experience.
AI-driven Customer Insights 

Empower customer engagement channels with insights to create delightful customer experiences.

How it works?
  • Build micro customer personas based on a diverse set of parameters including customer data and interactions, events, and trends.
  • Accurately match customers to the products they’ are more likely to buy based on behavioral patterns.
  • Predict which customer segments should be added and removed from marketing campaigns.
Customer Onboarding and Offboarding
Customer Onboarding and Offboarding

Manage the customer lifecycle to create a differentiated experience using intelligent automation.

How it works?
  • Leverage video and biometrics (voice, finger-printing) as an alternative to in-person KYC and physical verification.
  • “Verification Bots” that can log into external sites like Digital Identity websites / KYC utilities to complete the credit-check process.
  • Conversational interfaces to streamline communication with customers and within the enterprise.

Talk to us today to understand how a motor vehicle insurance company was able to transform their customer journeys using the EIQ platform.

Enhancing Customer Engagement in Insurance: Real-Time Churn Propensity Analysis

Insurance Casestudy

The Challenge

Reviving Renewal Rates: Tackling Fragmented Systems in Vehicle Insurance

Facing a decline in policy renewal rates, the vehicle insurer sought a non-intrusive solution to reverse this trend. Their customer interactions spanned various channels, including web, mobile, and call centers, and their operational systems were fragmented across policy application, claims management, and CRM. This complex landscape necessitated a comprehensive, unified solution to streamline processes and bolster customer retention.

The Results​


65% Reduction in Customer Churn

Customer Satisfaction

30% Improvement in Customer Experience ratings

Improvement in overall efficiency

71% Improvement in overall process efficiency due to automation

Are you ready to transform how your business operates?

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