EIQ Platform for Intelligent Business Automation in
Energy and Utilities Industry

Improve customer service and derive value from operational efficiencies.

Automating meter reading, maintenance scheduling, and outage management empowers you to operate more effectively, reducing downtime and improving customer satisfaction. With automation, you can monitor, manage, and maintain critical infrastructure in real time, enabling swift responses to fluctuations in demand and enhancing overall grid reliability.



Strategic work can be automated, including reporting and planning
International Energy Agency®


Reduction in grid outages with automation and predictive maintenance


ROI of enterprises that are truly capitalizing on intelligent automation

Intelligent Business Automation Platform for Energy and Utilities Industry

Regulatory Response and Claims Processing

Automating energy and utilities encompasses the automation of claims processing and regulatory responses, leading to improved reporting and data management. This lets energy and utility companies streamline the claims process, automate data entry and verification, and generate accurate reports, resulting in enhanced efficiency, faster response times, and improved overall data management.

How does it work?
  • Orchestrate claim form submission and approvals through workflows. 
  • Prevent claim duplication and enable data integration with ERP, CRM, and other support systems. 
  • Generate MIS reports for claim volumes, response times, and STP.

Alarm Management

Intelligent business automation platform helps alarm management systems in performance optimization, effectively reducing the impact on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and operational costs.

How does it work?
  • Real-time monitoring of alarm feeds using ML algorithms to detect false positives. 
  • Schedule engineer visits based on location and availability. 
  • Trigger automated communications to local agencies and councils.

Predictive Maintenance

Intelligent business automation in the energy and utilities domain empowers organizations to lower operation costs and achieve higher network stability by adopting predictive maintenance models. This proactive approach enables timely interventions, reduces downtime, and optimizes resource allocation, leading to cost savings.

How does it work?
  • Predictive maintenance algorithms with data from SCADA, CIS, EAM-GIS, weather channels, and field sensors. 
  • Recommend repair/replacement and auto-schedule service engineer visits based on device health. 
  • Trigger ticketing systems and schedule workforce activities.

Handling Meter Misreads

Automation in energy and utilities offers automated validation and correction processes to resolve customers’ meter misreading swiftly. With this, energy and utility companies can analyze meter data, identify discrepancies, and automatically validate and correct readings.

How does it work?
  • Validate meter readings with the last reading and historical trends. 
  • Apply ML techniques to predict readings and send pre-emptive numbers to customers. 
  • Communicate with customers through the preferred channel to confirm the changes to the submitted meter reading.

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Empowering Household and Non-Household Customers: EvoluteIQ's Approach to Claims Processing

EvoluteIQ Solutions

The Challenge

Coping with Regulatory Demands and Customer Expectations

Our client faced a dual challenge: responding effectively to regulatory action and automating the claims processing system for both household and non-household customers. The regulator’s mandate required a comprehensive audit trail for each processed claim, with the utmost priority being the system’s timely availability to customers.

The Results​

Overall reduced error rates

70% Reduction in claims handling team with outsourced BPO provider


GBP 400M Worth of claims processed on the platform since the launch

Quicker turnaround time

4 Weeks MVP launch with full solution launch in 10 weeks

Customer Success Stories

Here’s how we enable customers to reap the benefits of low-code/no-code and
accelerate intelligent business automation using the EIQ Platform.


“This strategic alliance will help InfoVision transfer the benefits of intelligent business automation to its customers by driving efficiency, increasing the bottom line, and boosting productivity significantly. With EvoluteIQ’s proven low-code/no-code intelligent business automation platform, InfoVision becomes well-positioned to take the lead in developing enterprise-effective business transformation solutions. Additionally, faster and more accurate services will help improve customer experience resulting in increased customer loyalty and profitability.”

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