EIQ Platform for Intelligent Business Automation in Finance and Accounting

Transform O2C, P2P, and R2R processes by breaking departmental boundaries.

Intelligent Business Automation Platform for Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting
Shared Services Transformation 

Drive tangible improvement in business KPIs across the O2C / P2P / R2R lifecycle in shared services centers by enabling intelligent business automation for finance and accounting.

How does it work?
  • Integrate disparate systems across business units and geographies to create harmonized processes.
  • Use modern automation techniques, including context comprehension from emails, voice, and unstructured documents.
  • Build a Financial Cockpit for CFOs, Controllers, and F&A analysts with multi-language / multi-currency support.
Touchless Accounts Receivable Processing 

Streamline cash application and reconciliation process to avoid delays and improve revenue recognition with a solid intelligent business automation platform for finance and accounting.

How does it work?

  • Automate the overall cash application process integrating banking systems with ERP and CRM systems.
  • Use ML tools to conduct predictive match and reconciliation between fields for 2-way and 3-way matching.
  • Give time back for the accounts staff to focus on higher value-added work.
Finance and Accounting
Finance and Accounting
Billing and Settlements

Capitalize on the benefits of intelligent business automation for finance and accounting to automate payment requests and billing queries and significantly improve customer experience.

How does it work?
  • Automate processes like changes to direct debit mandates, chasing late receivables, or correcting overcharges.
  • Respond to email queries with responses by training the system to analyze sentiment before responding.
  • Seamless interface with ERP system to get customer data and trigger payment as per the payment terms without manual intervention.
F&A Intelligent Documents Processing

Use unstructured to structured data conversion to accelerate the automation of document F&A processes involving invoices, POs, and Bills of Lading.

How does it work?
  • Use intelligent document processing to extract key terms from unstructured, multi-format documents like invoices, purchase orders, and order confirmations.
  • Increased digitization increases the capacity of existing staff and lets them focus on managing operations better.
  • Better data means better analytics possible for data-driven decision-making.
Finance and Accounting

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From Delays to Dollars: A Success Story in DSO Metrics Improvement


The Challenge

Resolving Cash Application Delays: Confronting Unstructured Payment Data

The client faced issues with manual collections processes, leading to cash application delays. They handled 50,000 monthly AR reconciliations globally with a team of 25 analysts, contending with unstructured payment data in various formats. Compounded by unstructured and incomplete payment instruction data arriving in multiple formats, including PDFs, text, and SAP digital passbooks, the need for a solution was evident.

The Results​


60% Reduction in manual effort needed for reconciliation, leading to DSO reduction by 32%

Overall reduced error rates

86% Reduction in error rates leading to faster recognition of missed revenue


40% Improvement in unallocated cash and resulting revenue impact through agile operations

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