EIQ Platform for Intelligent Business Automation in Healthcare

Create intelligent patient interactions and optimize the revenue cycle.

Enable patient-focused healthcare at scale with the EIQ Intelligent Business Automation Platform. There is a growing administrative overload in the healthcare sector, and automation helps streamline tasks, improves accuracy, and lets healthcare professionals concentrate on more critical decisions.



Managerial work to be entirely
automated by 2024


Reduction in time spent on routine administrative tasks for healthcare practitioners due to AI

$188 B

Estimated share of AI in
healthcare market by 2030

Intelligent Business Automation Platform for Healthcare

Data Intelligence for Medical Professionals

Intelligent healthcare automation enables the conversion of unstructured data, providing medical professionals with valuable insights to make informed decisions by accessing comprehensive patient histories, identifying trends, and gaining practical clinical insights.

How does it work?
  • Use Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) to extract data from patient records and diagnostic tools. 
  • Predictive analysis using AI, ML, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide intelligence to medical professionals. 
  • Build “expert assistants” using conversational interfaces to provide ad-hoc support.

Critical Care Improvement

Automation in healthcare includes smarter automation of existing processes while effectively managing costs for specialized treatments. This allows healthcare professionals to allocate more time and resources to specialized treatment and patient care, ultimately improving outcomes.

How does it work?
  • Use ML models to understand patient demographic and ethnographic data to generate predictive signals. 
  • Analyze and manage large patient data volumes to identify and classify diagnoses. 
  • Improve patient scheduling to deliver timely and quality care.

Revenue Cycle Management Transformation

Intelligent automation in healthcare enables a data-driven Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process, increasing staff productivity and performance. Healthcare providers could streamline workflows, automate tasks, and gain valuable insights for informed decision-making. This improves operational efficiency, reduces administrative burdens, and optimizes financial performance within the RCM process.

How does it work?
  • Automate the end-to-end RCM activities-related appointment requests, patient pre-arrival and arrival, and claim denials and billing. 
  • Design business rules for computer-assisted coding and automation of Explanation of Benefits (EOB). 
  • Data validation and workflow orchestration to handle increased volumes and reduce error rates.

Employee Health Monitoring

Reimagine healthcare with intelligent business automation by monitoring employee health. Business automation ushers in a new era of healthcare, where technology-driven solutions can drive a safe workplace environment by automating contactless procedures, such as temperature screening, digital health assessments, and workspace sanitization.

How does it work?
  • Monitor all staff members to determine if they are healthy enough to work from the office. 
  • Automate the increased regulatory compliance and reporting to global health agencies and government bodies. 
  • Ensure employees are signed up and have the required health insurance to deal with increased medical expenses.

Discover how our EIQ platform empowered a top RCM Solutions Provider to automate manual processes for global clients in healthcare.

How a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management software transformed revenue optimization with Intelligent Automation

The Challenge

Reducing complexity and manual data entry

As a trusted Revenue Cycle Management solutions provider, our customer faced an intricate problem of escalating complexity in their medical coding function. Their process relied heavily on the manual labor of RCM agents who painstakingly sifted through unstructured data from medical records, extracting relevant details and assigning codes. This traditional approach not only tested the boundaries of the coders’ productivity and efficiency but it also led to a high incidence of errors. The business urgently needed a scalable solution to handle the growing complexity of medical coding tasks, enhancing efficiency and significantly reducing error rates.

The Results​

91% Accuracy in data capture vs the earlier 76% thereby reducing the need for manual processing


40% Improvement in manual work related to claims document handling

60% Reduction in HIPAA violations due to processing errors within 3 months of go-live

Customer Success Stories

Here’s how we enable customers to reap the benefits of low-code/no-code and
accelerate intelligent business automation using the EIQ Platform.

Omega Healthcare

“Omega Healthcare is the leading provider of healthcare Revenue Cycle Management services in the United States, helping payers, providers, and pharmaceutical companies eliminate administrative burdens, accelerating cash flow, and reducing health management costs while enhancing patient care.

We have been leveraging EIQ’s intelligent business automation technology to build smart, automated platform solutions that digitally transform the RCM business processes for our large clientele. These solutions include medical billing, coding, collections and provides clinical services, including triage, care continuation, clinical documentation improvement, and re-admittance avoidance.”

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