EIQ Platform to build Operational Resilience with
Intelligent Business Automation

Run businesses efficiently and manage cash flow better in the post-pandemic era.

Automate processes to minimize errors, enhance operational resilience, and enable quick adaptation to dynamic environments, ensuring business continuity amid disruptions.



Of all occupations have at least 30% technically automatable activities

$265 B

Global Industrial Automation Market
Size by 2025
Harvard Business Review®


Employees trust automation for faster, error-free decisions

Intelligent Business Automation Platform for Operational Resilience

Cashflow Optimization

Employing intelligent business automation for operational resilience helps organizations survive and thrive in the post-pandemic world using robust cash management solutions.

How does it work?
  • Optimize working capital by syncing payables and receivables in the overall cash conversion cycle. 
  • Predictive risk analysis and audit of client payment terms to ensure the full benefits of payment terms. 
  • Advanced analytics to make cost structures more variable and milestone driven.

Digital Operations Cockpit

Build scalable, resilient, and adaptable business operating models enabled by the transformative capabilities of intelligent business automation for operational resilience. This technology-enabled operating model empowers businesses to enhance responsiveness, optimize resource allocation, and proactively adapt to evolving customer demands.

How does it work?

  • Cross-department operations dashboard that effectively combines Human and Machine capabilities. 
  • Predictive Machine Learning-based risk management and dealing with increased cybersecurity requirements due to remote access. 
  • Intelligent work allocation to deal with the variability of service requests and dealing with spikes in call volumes.

HR Enablement

Intelligent business automation facilitates HR process optimization to ensure continued optimal productivity in remote working scenarios.

How does it work?
  • Automate employee onboarding and offboarding workflows like user and email account creation, laptop provisioning, and credentials setup. 
  • “Command Center” to monitor employee productivity in the new normal where work-from-home is becoming a permanent feature. 
  • Conversational interfaces to enable one-on-one consultations with HR representatives for improved employee engagement.

IT Automation

Ensure scalability in IT systems and processes forming the bedrock of today’s digital-first businesses with an intelligent business automation platform for operational resilience.

How does it work?
  • Automated resilience for service and applications testing and simulating production failover. 
  • Data Center and Cloud Migration automation, including change planning and execution. 
  • Automation of routine tasks such as joiner/leaver activities, password reset and unlock, and enabling access privileges.

Connect with us now to discover how we helped an enterprise navigate COVID-19 disruptions effectively.

Meeting Complex IT Requirements for an RIM Leader

Operational Resilience

The Challenge

Enhancing IT Service Management for Evolving Customer Needs

The client sought to elevate their conventional IT Service Management (ITSM) offerings to align with the evolving complexities of their customers’ needs. Their quest led them to EvoluteIQ for the development of a robust platform, specifically designed to support their innovative solutions in autonomous monitoring, maintenance, request, and service management.

The Results​

Cost Reduction

40% Average reduction in operational cost with minimal upfront investments and risk reduction


30% Increase in customer retention and customer acquisition due to enhanced capabilities

60% Improvement in overall process efficiency improving the bottom-line

Customer Success Stories

Here’s how we enable customers to reap the benefits of low-code/no-code and
accelerate intelligent business automation using the EIQ Platform.

Amoga Client Speak

“Amoga provides a comprehensive digital platform where employees can engage, work and grow. We leverage the EIQ technology for its intelligent business automation capabilities in order to automate the business workflows and seamlessly connect with the disparate enterprise systems of our clients.”

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