EIQ Platform for Intelligent Business Automation in Telecom & Media

Digitally transform your business for the 5G era & reduce customer acquisition costs.

Streamline processes and optimize network management and customer experiences for faster service delivery and enhanced reliability. Embrace intelligent automation to manage content distribution, network provisioning, and customer support, letting your business adapt quickly to market dynamics and spearhead innovation in digital services.



Of all occupations have at least 30% technically automatable activities


RPA market growth by 2025


Of marketing staff will move to more strategic roles due to automation

Intelligent Business Automation Platform for Telecom and Media

Easier Subscriber Acquisition

With an intelligent business automation platform for Telecom and Media, businesses can improve market share and subscriber base without increasing sales and marketing budgets. With business automation, they can drive growth, enhance competitiveness, and expand their market share while maintaining efficient resource utilization.

How does it work?
  • Automation of Product Discovery and Lead generation lifecycle using Conversational Interfaces. 
  • Advanced Analytics to refine competitive positioning, product offerings, and pricing. 
  • Solutions for seamless “porting” of customer numbers from other network operators.

Predictive Maintenance

Embracing business automation for Telecom and Media can help achieve lower operating costs and enhance network stability by adopting predictive maintenance models. This not only reduces operational expenses associated with reactive maintenance but also improves network reliability, ensuring a seamless experience for customers and optimizing the overall performance of Telecom and Media operations.

How does it work?
  • Predictive maintenance algorithms measure historical and real-time data from the network devices to spot service degradation and failure. 
  • Recommend repair/replacement and auto-schedule service engineer visits based on device health. 
  • “Uberising” of field service technician support and automated scheduling/ticketing systems.

Network Operations Transformation

Business automation plays a pivotal role in network operations transformation, enabling a swift transition from Communication Service Providers (CSP) to Digital Service Providers (DSP) in the 5G Era. This transformation empowers CSPs to embrace the opportunities presented by the 5G era, enhance agility, and deliver innovative digital services to meet evolving customer demands in a rapidly changing telecommunications landscape.

How does it work?
  • Switch from a network-centric view to a customer-centric view by real-time mapping network metrics to customer SLAs 
  • Perform health checks across networks and correlate with customer QoS metrics. 
  • Put to use customer service data for advanced analytics.

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Telecom Evolution: Enhancing Customer Experience and Efficiency


The Challenge

Market Share Risks: Transformation for a Complex Business Portfolio

Faced with the looming risk of market share erosion in established segments and eager to expand into new ones, our client embarked on a comprehensive transformation program. However, their extensive business portfolio needed complex interactions with numerous partners, entailing many manual processes. Additionally, catering to a substantial roster of B2B clients and partners demanded a flexible and scalable solution to drive their digital operations effectively.

The Results​

39% Increase in YoY revenue because of the new processes

Cost Reduction

46% Reduction in operational costs and customer acquisition costs


60% Increased ability for channel partners to upsell/cross-sell all their products and services

Customer Success Stories

Here’s how we enable customers to reap the benefits of low-code/no-code and
accelerate intelligent business automation using the EIQ Platform.


"As a research institute that collaborates across academic, government, and private sectors for scientific innovation and betterment of society, we are happy to be working with EvoluteIQ for advancement in space sciences. We believe that the technology prowess of the EIQ Platform will help us make significant progress in our work on blockchain technology and satellite communication."​

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