What is Hyperautomation?

Understanding the benefits of hyperautomation enablement platforms

The contemporary advances in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) have mandated businesses in every field toward digital transformation and intelligent automation. It has matured into an inevitable business imperative, letting companies of all sizes and industries boost efficiency, enhance accuracy, and liberate valuable employee resources from time-consuming undertakings.

However, hyperautomation enablement is that game-changing phenomenon that takes this to the next level. It helps develop an atmosphere where companies are empowered to do more with less while upgrading operational visibility and streamlining the employee journey. So, let us understand in detail the tenets of hyperautomation.

What is Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation combines various ingenious technologies to embark on seamless end-to-end automation solutions for a business process. To that end, it deploys inventive technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), etc., which are fused in a way to automate tasks. Consequently, rather than embracing just a single automation technology, hyperautomation operates on the collective synergy of innovative faculties from all these technologies.

In order to rationalize hyperautomation enablement in businesses, the below three business principles have been devised-

Strategic Precondition

Hyperautomation is a business-strategic and indispensable initiative in which the business is automated to the maximum possible extent to enhance efficiency with downsized operating costs.

Comprehensive Approach

Hyperautomation operates on an end-to-end picture of functions, furnishing the required visibility and insights for informed decision-making, boosting the business, and continuously lowering operational risk.

Human Element

Hyperautomation enablement platforms help mature the way in which people perform, letting them create a bigger and more positive effect while also enriching their work experience. This fosters higher employee retention and more satisfactory revenue growth.

Automation and Hyperautomation: The Contrast

In essence, hyperautomation is nothing but the next advanced level of automation. In both of their cases, ideas concern the application of intelligent technologies to achieve critical tasks without requiring much human meddling.

However, automation transpires on a rather small scale, function by function, while hyperautomation integrates numerous automation tools and solutions such as AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation to build extensive automation endeavors. It establishes an additional coating of technology that augments a business’s automation powers and the refinement of the existing automation too.

Here are the best benefits that a hyperautomation enablement platform can provide to a business-

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A hyperautomation enablement platform is developed to lower elaborateness and provide the comfort of use. For this, it is created on low-code mechanisms to help those without technical backgrounds to still be able to benefit from business-centric automation.


Because of the ease of accessibility and quick and seamless integration capabilities, hyperautomation helps witness across-the-board adoption within businesses.

Mutual Innovation

With the help of knowledgeable insights from several teams and departments, a hyperautomation enablement platform facilitates expanded coordination between infrastructure, IT, and other business teams.


When implemented adequately, hyperautomation enablement platforms offer advanced data insights, essential resource orchestration, and receded expenditures that pave the way for a deepened return on investment.


A robust hyperautomation enablement platform is the perfect blend of numerous digital technologies merging every business segment. This lets businesses transcend the narrow benefits of isolated technologies and reap the benefits of overarching data and insights.

Wrapping Up: The Nutshell

Hyperautomation is hovered to familiarize a renewed era in a business capacity. While smart technologies may invigorate this business era, they will be constructed around individuals.

EvoluteIQ, the benchmark for hyperautomation enablement solutions, is at the vanguard of this trajectory. We deliver all-out low-code hyperautomation solutions. Our robust hyperautomation enablement platform aims to empower people and weld automation innovation into aspiring businesses. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you uncover your business potential for hyper-automated success.

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